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HO scene made by Allan Bluman, U.S.

Kit #H060


HO scene made by Kevin Smith, Maine, U.S.

Kit # H010


HO scene made by Alexandre Bilodeau, Ontario, Canada

Kit # H074 Dumpster

HO tunnel portal scene made by Sam Parfitt, Ohio U.S.A.

 Kit # H004 and H003

The tripple portal are 2 combined H004 kit.

HO Junk clusters made by Philip Enthing, New York, U.S.A

Kit # H032 Mix wood crates.


HO Scene made by Gord Johnston, Ontario, Canada

Kit # H048 tarp coverder load.


HO Scene made by Bill Crago, Ontario, Canada

Kit # H024-25-27-28--30-33-36-37 Drums, barrels, stack bags, crates.


HO Scene made by Richard Drum, West Virginia U.S.A.

Kit # H068 Motorized Roof Vent.




 On30 scene by Steve Skerry, Ontario, Canada.

Kit #O015 & #O017


HO scene by Sylvain Gemme, Québec, Canada.

Kit #HO21 

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