Cut stone tunnel portal

Plaster portal, HO (1/87)

 Painting required, other items not included


Outside dimension:

L 116mm, H 110mm, W 15mm

L 4" 9/16 x H 4" 5/16 x W 19/32"

Inside dimension:

L 60mm, H 89mm, W 15mm

L 2" 3/8 x H 3" 3/8 x W 19/32"


High quality Casting.

Made of hydrocal plaster which them easy to paint.

No need to wash or prime before painting

You won't find my products in hobby shops!

Please look at my other items and save on combined shipping!


Please take note!

This is a exclusive Produits M.P. Product and is only being produced and sold by

Produits M.P.

This product is not to be copied or recasted in any shape or form for resale. 


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H001 Cut Stone Tunnel Portal HO

  • 10.49$
  • 9.99$

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