Shipping items In Canada and U.S.A.



Shipping cost is 1,80 $C for Canada on all the small items with a picture of an envelope.

Shipping cost is 2,50 $C for U.S.A. on all the small items with a picture of an envelope. 

If you combined with items that have no picture of an envelope or if you buy items without a picture of an envelope. The shipping cost will be automatically calculated.


Shipping items outside North America. 


The shipping cost will be autamatically calculeted for England, France and Australia.

Other countries please contact us for the shipping cost.

Shipping time outside North America is around 2 to 4 weeks air mail or 4 to 8 weeks surface mail

(Australia 4 to 6 weeks air mail or 6 to 10 weeks surface mail) 

        Heavy parcels will be shipped surface mail.


 Mistake in order by the client:   


Once the transaction is completed with Paypal and before item is shipped by mail, any purchase can be partially or completely cancel by the customer. You must contact us as soon as possible.

However, if your item is already shipped and you want to cancel one or more item in your order you must return the item(see modality return and refund below)

Return and refund.


Returns accepted for the following reasons: Item broken during shipping, item ordered by mistake.

For broken items during transport. The buyer must provide a photo of the packing and broken item. If the customer refuses to provide us photos of the packing and broken item, the customer must return the item at his own cost if he wants to get the refund of the broken items.

Return  must be accepted by seller prior to be sent back by buyer.

Item must be returned in the original packaging and in original selling condition.

Outbound shipping and return shipping charges will be refunded only if item is in it's original packaging and original selling condition.

Refund will be made after reception and inspection of item.


If you have any question please feel free to contact us at


*Please note that the singular shall be used to the aim of lightening the text.

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